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【Preview】 OneHope’s new manga “Christmas The Story of Hope” is almost complete!

OneHope is always striving to create products that will assist and empower churches’ evangelism efforts and are relevant to youth today. To that aim, we have created two new products this year. In February, we created the “Paper Flower & junction film series” DVD, our first DVD product in Japan. We applied an innovative approach to youth ministry by creating discussion starter films based on social issues among youth. Paper Flower / Junction THE MAP In April, we completed an evangelistic tract called “The MAP”. This tract functions along with the DVD, but can also be used simply as an evangelism tract and over 15000 have been distributed to date. Now, where am I going with all this? Well, there is a third product that we are set to complete this year. It is called… Christmas The Story of Hope new-cover-2 This new manga has been created for the great evangelistic opportunity we have this Christmas season. It focuses on the birth of Jesus but goes on to tell the life, death and ressurection of Jesus. It also has a Christmas theme cover as well as Christmas related articles as well. Our desire is that, with the help of our partners from all over the country, youth across Japan will truly celebrate Jesus’ birth and most of all hear the Good News. Please order and use this new manga to invite youth to Christmas services, for street evangelism and caroling or for any other way to get the Word of God to youth! We want to make sure that we can get this new product into the hands of as many partnering churches as possible in time for the Christmas season. Actual deliveries will begin around November 10th, but you can pre-order these products through the contact page at any time! We are very very excited for this Christmas! Together, let’s share the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Autumn conferences and events

There will be many Christian conferences and events held across the country this autumn. OneHope will be attending these events to share he OneHope vision: “God’s Word, Every Child”.

Oct. 3rd-4th HIS GENERATION Location: Yodobashi Church (Tokyo)

Oct. 11th-14th Empowered 21 Location: National Kyoto Int’l Hall (Kyoto)

Oct. 14th Global Leadership Summit Next Location: Yokohama Educational Hall (Yokohama)

Oct. 26th JCFN one day conference Location: Ochanomizu Christian Center (Tokyo)

Nov. 4th-5th Global Leadership Summit Location: Yamato Calvary Chapel (Yamato)

Nov. 11th-16th Youth Ministry Gallery Location: Ochanomizu Christian Center (Tokyo)

Nov. 12th-15th CPI Conference Location: Fuji Hakone Land (Hakone)

These will all be fantastic events. Please pray that God would be glorified in these gatherings and also that OneHope will have a great time of sharing vision and fellowship!