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The Bible App for Kids!

OneHope has created a Bible app for Kids! It is a free app, but is only available in English. We pray that many children will know Jesus and grow closer to God’s Word through this app.



Intro Video: The Bible App for Kids video

The MAP Partner Testimony

The MAP is a evangelistic tract created in April this year, that explains Scripture in an understandable way to unbelievers. Each article beings with heart-felt needs among youth and then goes on to describe who God is through Scripture. Our partner and friend Dong san from J-House in Osaka shared a testimony with us. Please check it you!


The MAP Partner Testimony









Our desire is that churches across Japan can order our products smoothly and without much hassle, so we have created a new and improved webpage! We would like to show you some of the new features.

One of the new functions is the brand new order page. All you need to do is to select how many of each item you want, type in your address, confirm the details of your order and your done! We will also send you a confirmation email to inform you that we have securely received your order.

Please check out our new product page and contact page as well!

Order page:

Product page:

Contact page:

愛ディア 情報ギャラリー にてOneHope展示中!!

今週、御茶ノ水クリスチャンセンター5Fのt gallary にて『愛ディア 情報ギャラリー』が開催されています。ユースミニストリーに関してあらゆる働きを展示していますして、更にあらゆるユースミニストリーのプロが講義をしてくださっています。ぜひ足を運んでください、きっと日本の未来に希望とワクワクをもらって帰れます。OneHopeも展示していますよ!


This week, the “AIdea Information Gallery” is open at the t gallery on the 5th floor of the Ochanomizu Christian Center. You will find all sorts of youth ministries and activities that are going on in Japan right now. There are also several seminars everyday with professionals in different areas of youth ministry. Please make sure you drop by and you will leave with a hope and excitement for the future of Japan. OneHope also has a display there as well!

クリスマス 希望のストーリー 絶賛提供中!!

クリスマス時期に向けて作られた新作マンガの『クリスマス 希望のストーリー』の印刷が終わり、全国の教会への配送が始まっています。もうすでに4万冊以上のご注文に心から感謝します。これらが用いられて、このクリスマスに多くの人がイエス様を知る事が出来ますように!

Our new manga “Christmas The Story of Hope” is finished printing and is being sent to churches across Japan for the evangelism opportunities during this Christmas season. We have already received 40000 orders and we are excited for many people to know about Jesus during this Christmas season.



The photo is with our printing partner New Life Ministries