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ウェブサイト大改造! その② ワンホープについて

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

“Incredible Islands” the innovative children’s online game, is now released!

We know it’s a little late, but Happy New Year!

As we look ahead of us to 2014, we look forward to wider networks and deeper partnerships with churches in Japan, to bring God’s Word to children and youth in this country. There are a lot of exciting possibilities ahead of us and let’s trust in the Lord to mark out the path ahead of us!


First of all, OneHope proudly would like to announce that “Incredible Islands”, an innovative children’s online game has been released. It is born out of our desire to have children grow up knowing the Lord well by being firmly rooted in His Word. There are many new and unique characteristics about Incredible Islands, but these two are primary:

1. An unprecedented high quality online game where children can learn about the Bible through media that they are used to.

2. Pastors or Sunday school teachers are managing the children’s interactions with the game, creating a seamless connection with Sunday school activities.

Unfortunately, Incredible Islands is only provided in English. But, please make sure to check out our website to find out about the children’s ministry tool for both this generation and the next.

Click here for Incredible Islands website