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Introducing 4/14 Movement videos on children’s ministry


The 4/14 Movement has posted videos to raise awareness about issues in children’s ministry. Each video is thought-provoking and causes us to reflect on how children’s ministry is done.

You can view the videos through the following link:

4/14 Movement kick starts in Japan!!

The 4/14 Movement, which encourages evangelism to children ages 4 to 14, has kicked off in Japan! OneHope is a partner with the 4/14 Movement on an international level and is part of the organizing servant team in Japan as well.


On April 14th, the first 4/14 Movement forum was held at the Ochanomizu Christian Center. The Christian Newspaper reports the event:

Based on the statistic that approximately 71% of those who decide to follow Jesus, do so between the ages 4 to 14, the 4/14 Movement was founded in 2009 as a global movement that prioritizes evangelism to these ages. Representatives of various children’s ministries and churches have partnered together to expand this movement and on April 14th the 4/14 Movement Forum was held at the Ochanomizu Christian Center.

 Pastor Reiko Sugimoto (Machida Christian Center) gave an introductory speech about the movement and was followed by messages from Pastor Hiroshi Nishikori(Tokyo Chuo Church), Pastor Nozomi Nishimura (Midorino Christ Church) , Pastor Koichi Hirano (Tokyo Horizon Chapel) and representatives from Family Forum Japan and Awana Club img534b98579e02f

The 4/14 Movement is praying for God to start a new work towards ministry towards children across the country. I encourage everyone to be involved in this movement and bring the Good News to the next generation together.


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The Lord is risen!

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We remember the Cross

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New story for the Bible App for Kids

Bible App for Kids is being used around the world for children to interact with the stories of the Bible.

Now the story of Joseph has been added to the list of stories!


If you haven’t downloaded the Bible App for Kids, you can do so from this website:

If you have already downloaded it, then the Joseph story will automatically be added to the menu page.