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Why Japan? A call to missions in Japan

Overseas missionaries going to Japan apparently often get asked: “Why Japan?” Though Japan may have an image of a prosperous nation around the globe but many are unaware that Japan is spiritually very poor. This movie argues that there is a great need for missions to Japan. Please take a few minutes and watch the video and pray that the Lord would send more workers.

Link to the film “Why Japan?”:

An invitation to the 4/14 window movement Leadership Summit

414 invitation

Do you know about the 4/14 window movement? Missions Strategist Dr. Luis Bush first began the 10/40 window movement. This focuses on the geographic area that stretches between Africa and Asia and between the north latitudes between 10 and 40 degrees north, which is the geographical area that is most unreached with the gospel and needs prioritized efforts. Now the 4/14 window movement focuses on the ages between 4 and 14 years old. Most people who choose to follow Christ do so between these years and this movement encourages the Church to prioritize ministry to this age. This is the 4/14 window movement and it is beginning in Japan right now!

The first 4/14 window movement Leadership Summit will be held on July 12th, at the Ochanomizu Christian Center 8th floor. Dr. Luis Bush and the Asia representative for the 4/14 window movement, Elder John Hur will visit Japan just for this event. Please come and be part of this initiative!