Changes in the OneHope evangelism tool lineup

We thank God for all of you who partner with OneHope to reach children with God’s Word. We wanted to notify you of a change in the products we are providing.

Book of Hope Japanese EEE M Cover small

As of May 9th 2016, we have finished providing “Kimi no Book of Hope” and “Book of Hope”. We at OneHope would like to thank you for the hundreds of thousands that have been reached through you by these products. You will still be able to receive 5pcs of “Kimi no Book of Hope” when you order the Hope Club set.


Also, the “Book of Hope English Lessons textbook” will be renamed, “Book of Hope English Lessons Set”. The Set will include one textbook and five Books of Hope.


We also have two new products this month. Stay tuned as we will announce these later.

Please continue to use OneHope products to reach children and youth in your community.