About OneHope

Mission and Vision


“To affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word to all the children and youth of the world.”


We believe to accomplish our God-given mandate we must seek to…
  • present God’s Word in the most understandable and relevant format.
  • mobilize followers of Christ to personally and effectively present God’s Word to every child and youth of the world.
  • collaborate and network with other organizations within the Kingdom of God.
  • encourage new believers to enter into fellowship with the local body of Christ, resulting in a life of discipleship.
  • lead followers of Christ in intercessory prayer for the children and youth of the world.


We believe these endeavors will result in…
  • children, youth, their families and communities coming to a saving knowledge of Christ.
  • the furtherance of Christ’s great commission to His church.
  • the building of the Kingdom of God in every community where we work.

Core Values

1We believe our mission is a God-given vision.
God has called us to work for Him in reaching the children and youth of the world with His Word.
2We believe that we can save no one and that God can save anyone.
We are messengers, our product is the tool, but salvation comes from God Himself through the convincing and convicting power of the Holy Spirit.
3We believe that God’s Word is inspired, infallible, inerrant and all powerful.
The Word is the firm foundation that God has given to this world,its message is the only hope for mankind. When understood and adhered to, the Word answers all of life’s questions and provides a perfect solution to every situation.
4We believe that God, through the obedience of His people, provides the resources for ministry.
We are committed to being as creative, resourceful and energetic as possible to share the vision and raise funds for the ministry, while at the same time realizing that God is our source.
5We believe we are accountable to God and man.
Because we are merely channels for God’s resources and the sacrificial gifts of His people, we pledge to be efficient, effective and careful stewards of our time, energy and resources.
6We believe that our purity of motive, heart and purpose will determine the future of this ministry.
Our corporate and individual integrity and morality will determine how God can ultimately use us. We expect all missionaries, employees and volunteers to be followers of Christ, to daily examine their lives and be committed to the ministry of OneHope.
7We believe that those who support the ministry financially are our partners in world missions.
The individuals, foundations and churches that financially support the ministry are our associates.We will endeavor to build a personal relationship with all donors by seeking their advice and involvement reporting to them on a regular basis.
8We believe we are a facilitating and empowering ministry.
We are committed to providing the Word of God, our time experience to assist churches, individuals and other ministries every country of the world in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Our story

Our ministry name, OneHope, reflects the desire to present the Living Word of God in an engaging way to children and youth all over the world. Jesus Christ is the one and only hope for eternity — and when we present Him to the next generation … lives are transformed.

OneHope began in 1987 when the nation of El Salvador asked for the Scriptures for every schoolchild in the nation. Today, by God’s grace, the ministry of OneHope has touched nearly 900 million young lives with God’s Word through our innovative Scripture engagement tools in print, film, web format and much more!

Since 2001, we have been serving the Japanese church with scripture engagement tools for children and youth. Our partners have reached over 1.5 million using OneHope products. These tools have been developed in Japan based on research and partner requests. It is our desire to work with ministry partners to provide products that are clear and relevant to Japanese youth and children today.

They are Japanese Staffs

Join us!

Our desire is to partner with those who have been called by God to youth and children’s ministry in Japan.
Here are some concrete ways to partner with OneHope:

Pray for us!

This is our first and foremost request. Everything we do at OneHope depends on God’s blessing and anointing.
Please pray that…

  • We would we continually seek to glorify Him in all we do so that His name may be known throughout Japan.
  • God would enable OneHope to bless and support local churches, mission schools and ministry organizations in their efforts to reach the next generation.
  • God would use the products that have been created as instruments for effectively delivering His Word.
  • God would work in the hearts of Japanese youth and children who receive OneHope products that they may encounter the truth about God and come into relationship with Him.
  • God would bless our partners and the cooperation that we have, strengthening the unity among the body of Christ in Japan.

Order and use our products

Please order and use the products that we have available on this website. It is our pleasure (and our mission!) to serve you.

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We are always wanting to know how we can serve you better and therefore your feedback is very important to us. Please feel free to send comments through our contact page. Your feedback will assist future strategies and product development. We would also be delighted to hear praise reports of how God has been using OneHope products through your ministry. Your praise reports will be a great encouragement to those who generously support and pray for the OneHope ministry in Japan.

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Please tell others about OneHope resources and how they can order the products on this website.

Give financially

We are grateful for God’s provision in reaching youth and children around the world with His word. This task calls for many who share the vision and are willing to be used of God as channels of financial support. If God is calling you to partner financially with OneHope, please make transfers to the following account.

Bank account information
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Komagome Branch
Branch No.: 061 Account No.: 0169627
Account name: OneHope Daihyo Snider Brian
Postal account information
Postal Account Name: Book of Hope Japan
Postal Account Number: 00170-8-427580

Once a transfer is made, please inform us so we can confirm receipt and express our thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a FAQ page so you can get to know OneHope better! This page will answer most questions that people have about who we are and what we do.

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