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Changes in the OneHope evangelism tool lineup

We thank God for all of you who partner with OneHope to reach children with God’s Word. We wanted to notify you of a change in the products we are providing.

Book of Hope Japanese EEE M Cover small

As of May 9th 2016, we have finished providing “Kimi no Book of Hope” and “Book of Hope”. We at OneHope would like to thank you for the hundreds of thousands that have been reached through you by these products. You will still be able to receive 5pcs of “Kimi no Book of Hope” when you order the Hope Club set.


Also, the “Book of Hope English Lessons textbook” will be renamed, “Book of Hope English Lessons Set”. The Set will include one textbook and five Books of Hope.


We also have two new products this month. Stay tuned as we will announce these later.

Please continue to use OneHope products to reach children and youth in your community.

Bible App for Kids is available in Korean!

Did you know that the Bible App for Kids is available in Korean?


If Bible App for Kids is already downloaded on your smartphone or tablet, all you have to do is change the language setting on your device and you can use the app in Korean.

See here for details:

Event Announcement! March 14th & April 14th

Here are some key events that OneHope is partnering with this Spring!

First is the Joy Joy Kids&Family Festival on March 14th.



We look forward to a great time of evangelism and fun for children.

The next event is the 4/14 Window Movement Vision and Prayer Gathering 2015 on April 14th.


Let’s join together in prayer so that many children will know that they are children of God!

Presenting our Photo page and Video page!


Happy New Year!

We are excited for what the Lord has in store for us this year!

As we reflect on the past year, we are grateful to God for all the great things He has done. We have received over 270,000 orders of God’s Word from churches all across Japan and we are excited for the Gospel to be spread through out Japan. We are also grateful for the great fellowship and cooperation we have been privileged to have with each and every one of you.

We have recently added a photo and video page to our website. We hope that we can show what God is doing through OneHope through these pages. Enjoy!

Photo page:

Video page:

The anticipated new product: Hope Navi

We would like to announce our new evangelism tool Hope Navi This is available for all churches to use in their outreaches.


Hope Navi explores the Bible from Genesis to the Epistles in 34 pages. There are illustrations on the Scripture pages that capture the heart of each Bible story.


There are several youth related articles included in this booklet. We have done research about youth’s worldview and lifestyles beforehand to be able to have the right content and style to share God’s truth through these articles. We have also included links to online videos of Christian testimonies.


We envisage that Hope Navi will be an effective evangelism tool both now and the future. We have pursued that this booklet will be be a gateway into the Bible and our desire is that many youth will engage God’s Word and have an encounter with Jesus!