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今年のイースターは4月21日! 教会に子ども達を呼ぶこのよい機会を最大限生かせるキャンペーンを開催! 3月中に対象ツール(無料)を1箱以上注文すると、あなたの教会のイースターイベント用のチラシデータをプレゼント! 1.3月1日~31日の期間中に右記Webサイトより、対象ツール「こども聖書アプリブック」「ホープナビ」「マンガミッション」「クリスマス希望のストーリー」を1箱以上ご注文。(どれも無料です。送料のみ着払いでお届けします) 2.ご注文完了後、メールにてお送りする「チラシ作成用Googleフォーム」に教会名等の各項目を入力して送信。 3.あなたの教会用のチラシデータ(A5サイズ)をメールにてお届け。 AとBの2タイプについてそれぞれ、Web用JPG画像、印刷用PDF、プリントパック入稿用PDFの3点セットをお送りします。(計6点) (プリントパックへの入稿方法はサポート外です。利用される場合は各自お調べください) 4.注文から1週間程度で無料ツールをお届け。 印刷したチラシをトラクトに挟んで通学路配布するのもオススメです!

Paper Flower & Junction Film Series on the Web

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Bible App for Kids Book of Hope

The Bible App for Kids has been downloaded over 11 million times since it was released in November 2013. The Japanese version of the Bible App for Kids was released in January 2016. Now, we are announcing the Bible App for Kids Book of Hope. This booklet uses the popular artwork from the Bible App for Kids.


This booklet explains God’s Big Story that as revealed in the Bible in 34 wonderfully illustrated pages. Deliveries will begin on June 16th but you can pre-order on our website now.

Treasure Hunt: An evangelism manga for children, by children

Children can be used by God, just as much (maybe even more!) than adults to reach their peers. Children spend a lot of time with friends and are free to be God’s witnesses in their schools. Just as young David had courage before Goliath, though the Israelite army was afraid, children have a pure and uninhibited heart of faith and courage. We believe that God wants to use children to reach their peers and that is why we created the Treasure Hunt.


Treasure Hunt is the children’s product in the series of evangelism booklets created by NewDayToday. OneHope has partnered with NewDayToday in the development of this product. You can order a set of 10 booklets for 700yen. We will be looking forward to your order!

Now providing the Sample Set

In response to popular demand, you can now order the Sample Set through our website. With the sample set you can take a closer look at all of our free products before you order.The sample set includes the following.

Hope Navi

Manga Mission

Christmas The Story of Hope

Bible App for Kids Book of Hope

Paper Flower & junction DVD


We provide the Sample Set for free, so please feel free to order.