This page will answer most questions that people have about who we are and what we do.

FAQ - Ordering Our Products

Q. Up to how many can I order?

Please feel free to order as many as you expect to use.

Q. I am not ordering as a church or mission organization, but can I order as an individual?

You can order as an individual. *When ordering on the order page, please note your church/organization page for our reference.

Q. The number of pieces for the smallest unit to order is too big, can I get a smaller quantity?
Unfortunately, we can’t provide smaller quantities than what we have posted on the website. If possible, we recommend for the tools to be shared with nearby churches or find another avenue for it to be used if it is too big.
Q. Can I see a sample of the products before I order?

Yes, you can order the Sample Set which includes a sample of all our free products. You can order through our Order Page.

FAQ - Delivery & Shipping

Q. Do you deliver overseas?

We do not deliver overseas.

Q. How much is the delivery cost?

The calculation of the delivery cost will be depend on the ordered product.

◆For “The Bible App for Kids Book”,”Hope Navi”, “Christmas The Story of Hope”,“Manga Mission”
These products will be sent from New Life Ministries using Yu-Pack. The following will be the prices per box.

Saitama(Within the prefecture)Tohoku,Kanto,ChubuKinkiChugoku,ShikokuHokkaidoKyushuOkinawa
Hope Navi,Christmas The Story of Hope,The Bible App for Kids Book1,051yen1,121yen1,221yen1,331yen1,551yen1,551yen1,651yen
Manga Mission1,301yen1,351yen1,461yen1,581yen1,781yen1,781yen1,921yen

If you order two or more boxes at the same time, the shipping cost will be reducing.
Due to the size of the box, we are not able to bundle two boxes of Manga Mission together.
See below for details。

Saitama(Within the prefecture)Tohoku,Kanto,ChubuKinkiChugoku,ShikokuHokkaidoKyushuOkinawa
Order two boxes that don’t include Manga Mission1,301yen1,351yen1,461yen1,581yen1,781yen1,781yen1,921yen
1 box of Manga Mission + 1 box of non-Manga Mission1,551yen1,611yen1,711yen1,821yen2,041yen2,041yen2,191yen

*Adapted from the JAPAN POST website:
The package will be sent from Saitama prefecture (Location of New Life Ministries)

If you order ten or more boxes, we ship using the “Arrow-bin” services of Nippon Express Co., Ltd., otherwise known as “Nittsu”. This service significantly reduces the shipping cost for usage at major events and distributions. The actual shipping varies case by case based on the shipping distance, weight of box and extra fees.
Please contact us for any questions regarding the shipping cost.

◆For “Treasure Hunt”, “HopeClub set”, “Book of Hope English Lessons”
These tools will be sent from Top Space Office (Tokyo). The sender of the product will differ based on the product. Most products will be sent by “Yu-mail”.

◆For sample set orders
The sample set delivery costs will be covered by OneHope. Please feel free to order and see our products for yourselves.