Bible App for Kids Book of Hope

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The Bible App for Kids has been downloaded over 11 million times since it was released in November 2013. The Japanese version of the Bible App for Kids was released in January 2016. Now, we are announcing the Bible App for Kids Book of Hope. This booklet uses the popular artwork from the Bible App for Kids.

This booklet explains God’s Big Story that as revealed in the Bible in 34 wonderfully illustrated pages. Deliveries will begin on June 16th but you can pre-order on our website now.

Treasure Hunt: An evangelism manga for children, by children

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Children can be used by God, just as much (maybe even more!) than adults to reach their peers. Children spend a lot of time with friends and are free to be God’s witnesses in their schools. Just as young David had courage before Goliath, though the Israelite army was afraid, children have a pure and uninhibited heart of faith and courage. We believe that God wants to use children to reach their peers and that is why we created the Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt is the children’s product in the series of evangelism booklets created by NewDayToday. OneHope has partnered with NewDayToday in the development of this product. You can order a set of 10 booklets for 700yen. We will be looking forward to your order!

The anticipated new product: Hope Navi

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We would like to announce our new evangelism tool Hope Navi This is available for all churches to use in their outreaches.

Hope Navi explores the Bible from Genesis to the Epistles in 34 pages. There are illustrations on the Scripture pages that capture the heart of each Bible story.

There are several youth related articles included in this booklet. We have done research about youth’s worldview and lifestyles beforehand to be able to have the right content and style to share God’s truth through these articles. We have also included links to online videos of Christian testimonies.

We envisage that Hope Navi will be an effective evangelism tool both now and the future. We have pursued that this booklet will be be a gateway into the Bible and our desire is that many youth will engage God’s Word and have an encounter with Jesus!

Christmas The Story of Hope bringing hope across Asia

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Christmas The Story of Hope is made in Japan but it is being used not only in Japan but across Asia to share the hope of Jesus.

Just like last year, it will be used in churches and schools in Taiwan.

Last year, the gospel was delivered to one million children and youth in Thailand. We pray that many will hear the Good News of Jesus this Christmas too!

For the first time, Christmas The Story of Hope will be used in Korea. We pray many children and youth will know the hope of Christ this Christmas.

We pray that the hope of Jesus will be the center of Christmas around the world!!

Why Japan? A call to missions in Japan

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Overseas missionaries going to Japan apparently often get asked: “Why Japan?” Though Japan may have an image of a prosperous nation around the globe but many are unaware that Japan is spiritually very poor. This movie argues that there is a great need for missions to Japan. Please take a few minutes and watch the video and pray that the Lord would send more workers.

junction film series “The Entrance Exam” has been selected for the Himeji International Film Festival

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“The Entrance Exam” produced by OneHope and created by Yu Shibuya has been selected for the Himeji International Film Festival 2014. This is the second selection following last year’s Sapporo International Short Film Festival. The film will can be viewed during the open competition program on June 15th.

“If there was an exam before we were even born, what questions would we be asked? What would we answer? What standard would determine if we would pass or fail?

Himeji International Short Film Festival website:

OneHope has become a member of the Japan Evangelical Alliance

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We are proud to announce that as of April 2014, OneHope has become a member of the Japan Evangelical Alliance. In addition to OneHope’s partnership with the World Evangelical Alliance, we are truly honored to be welcomed into this network among Evangelicals in Japan.

We joined the 29th JEA Annual Congress held from June 2nd to June 4th and were given the opportunity to greet the congress and share about who we are and what God has called us to do.

We still have much to learn about evangelism in Japan, but we are truly blessed to have our friends at JEA welcome us into their fellowship and partnership, so that together we can respond to our call to bring the Gospel to the next generation.

JEA website:

4/14 Movement kick starts in Japan!!

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The 4/14 Movement, which encourages evangelism to children ages 4 to 14, has kicked off in Japan! OneHope is a partner with the 4/14 Movement on an international level and is part of the organizing servant team in Japan as well.

4/14 window FORUM 2014

On April 14th, the first 4/14 Movement forum was held at the Ochanomizu Christian Center. The Christian Newspaper reports the event:

Based on the statistic that approximately 71% of those who decide to follow Jesus, do so between the ages 4 to 14, the 4/14 Movement was founded in 2009 as a global movement that prioritizes evangelism to these ages. Representatives of various children’s ministries and churches have partnered together to expand this movement and on April 14th the 4/14 Movement Forum was held at the Ochanomizu Christian Center.

Pastor Reiko Sugimoto (Machida Christian Center) gave an introductory speech about the movement and was followed by messages from Pastor Hiroshi Nishikori(Tokyo Chuo Church), Pastor Nozomi Nishimura (Midorino Christ Church) , Pastor Koichi Hirano (Tokyo Horizon Chapel) and representatives from Family Forum Japan and Awana Club

The 4/14 Movement is praying for God to start a new work towards ministry towards children across the country. I encourage everyone to be involved in this movement and bring the Good News to the next generation together.

You can be updated with the latest information about the 4/14 Movement through our Facebook page. Make sure to “Like” it and stay tuned!