“The Entrance Exam” selected for the Sapporo Int’l Short Film Festival

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“The Entrance Exam”, one of the six short films in OneHope’s junction film series, has been selected for the Sapporo Int’l Short Film Festival!

Acclaimed as one of the top three short film festivals in the world, OneHope is truly honored to have our short film selected for this festival. Although our films are created as resources for churches, mission organizations and mission schools, this selection may unlock a door for OneHope have influence in social spheres that have not been reachable before. It’s expected that most people at the film festival will be in the film industry, but let’s pray that those who view The Entrance Exam will reflect on their own moral decisions and begin to think about who God is.

“If you could say anything to the one who created you, what would you say?”

Introducing “Hope Delivered” written by Rob Hoskins, President of OneHope

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OneHope President, Rob Hoskins released a book last year titled “Hope Delivered”. Rob Hoskins shares his experiences sharing God’s Word to children and youth all over the world. I myself have just started reading the book and there have already been many inspiring testimonies of how God touches and transforms young lives in a radical way, changing the destiny of their lives. I hope to share some excerpts with you as I read through the book.

Book - Hope Delivered

The book can be purchased online at Amazon etc. All revenue from these books will go to the OneHope ministry to reach more and more children and youth with God’s Word.


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Have you heard of OneHope’s latest product “junction film series”? It is an innovated youth ministry tool that is composed of six short films. These are thought provoking films on social issues that are most common and crucial among youth in Japan. The issues that are addressed are family relationships, guy/girl relationships, fear of man, Internet addiction, Suicide and moral decisions.

Our desire is that churches and youth ministries in Japan would use these films as discussion starters in their gatherings. Since youth are not used to talking about “deep” subjects or sharing things that are close to their heart, we believe movies are an objective entry point for encouraging youth to open their hearts. We are hoping that youth who participate in this program will discuss intently, share their hearts, grow closer with the Christians in the group and through learning more about God, that they may be saved!

The promotional video for the junction film series has just been released! Check it out:

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Download File: http://onehopejapan.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/onehopePV01_0705.mp4?_=2

You can also view it here:junction PV

Announcement: Our website has been renewed!

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OneHope is proud to announce that we have renewed our website!

Since 2001, OneHope has been providing God’s Word in Japan through our partnering churches, mission organizations and schools. We are privileged to be part of God’s mission by creating and providing tools for youth evangelism and we pray that God would use us more and more for His purposes.

Our website renewal is part of our desire and effort to cooperate in closer and deeper ways with our partners. We will continue to post about some of the new functions of this website and the latest news of what God is doing through OneHope. So please stay tuned! Many blessings!


Short Film “Shackled” presentation at Worship&Arts Conference

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Our friend, Community Arts Tokyo hosted a “Worship&Arts Conference” on July 13th, 2013.

During this conference, there was a viewing of “Shackled” (Japanese title “GANJIAGARAME”) which is part of the junction film series in OneHope’s latest DVD.

Short Film “Shackled” & Panel Discussion

A high school girl receives excessive expectations from her parents and society. Yu Shibuya’s film helps us look into the relationships between parents and children in Japanese society. Come join us for the panel discussion following the film as we look at and talk together about how art can help us to investigate issues in society and our lives.

CGNTV who was creating a news clip for this conference picked up on the junction film series as well! Check it out!