Autumn conferences and events

There will be many Christian conferences and events held across the country this autumn. OneHope will be attending these events to share he OneHope vision: “God’s Word, Every Child”.

Oct. 3rd-4th HIS GENERATION Location: Yodobashi Church (Tokyo)

Oct. 11th-14th Empowered 21 Location: National Kyoto Int’l Hall (Kyoto)

Oct. 14th Global Leadership Summit Next Location: Yokohama Educational Hall (Yokohama)

Oct. 26th JCFN one day conference Location: Ochanomizu Christian Center (Tokyo)

Nov. 4th-5th Global Leadership Summit Location: Yamato Calvary Chapel (Yamato)

Nov. 11th-16th Youth Ministry Gallery Location: Ochanomizu Christian Center (Tokyo)

Nov. 12th-15th CPI Conference Location: Fuji Hakone Land (Hakone)

These will all be fantastic events. Please pray that God would be glorified in these gatherings and also that OneHope will have a great time of sharing vision and fellowship!

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